A share code is a unique code for providing others access to the data on a given Node/Pro.

You can access your device's share code both using the AirVisual app or website:

AirVisual app

Share your device's share code with friends directly using the app's sharing feature.

- From your 'favorites' home page, click into your device's full view. Here, you can press the 'share' icon at the bottom of your screen. Then, simply choose the app you wish to share your device's code through with your friend, choose your recipient, and they will receive a short message including your share code and how to follow you.


You can also share directly with others from the app's 'Manage my devices & Wi-Fi' page view:

You may also view your device's share code at any time, by clicking the settings 'cog' icon at the top of your device's page view. This will then open up your device settings page in your web browser, where you can press the 'share' button to display your device share code.

AirVisual web

Sign in to your profile on the AirVisual website, click on your name tab and select ‘My Devices’. From your devices dashboard, as shown below, you can click directly on the blue "Sharing code", which will generate a pop-up window with your device's sharing code. 

How to follow someone else's device using a share code

Follow the readings from someone else’s Node/Pro on the mobile app by clicking the three dots on the top of the app homepage > "follow monitor" and then enter the share code.

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