On the app

  1. Search for the location/station you want to monitor. Open the AirVisual app and select the magnifying glass icon or scroll down ‘My Air’ and press ‘Add place’

2. Key in the location/station you want to monitor

3. Press the location/station to select it – it will automatically be added to your ‘Places’

4. Remove a location/station from your ‘Places’ in ‘Manage Places’.  To find “Manage Places’, select the three dots icon > click on ‘Settings’ > select ‘Manage places’. Or scroll down ‘My Air’ page and select ‘Manage places’

5. Press the trash can icon to remove the location/station, and press ‘Yes’ to confirm

On the website

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on your profile picture > Click ‘Places’ in the drop-down menu to view your dashboard

3. To monitor the air quality data in your location, you need to allow airvisual.com to access your location data

4. Reload the page to see the air quality around you

5. To add more locations/stations, search for the location/station you want to monitor

6. Click on the location/station > Click ‘Follow’

7. To check whether you have successfully followed the location/station, make sure that the heart shape is coloured in

8. When you return to your ‘Places’ in your dashboard, it will be displayed under ‘Your followed locations’

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