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Where does AirVisual get its air quality data from?
Where does AirVisual get its air quality data from?

Learn which data sources AirVisual reports from to provide global air quality information

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AirVisual’s unique real-time AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) system collects, analyses and validates millions of air quality data points which come mostly from ground-based air quality monitors operated by governments, non-governmental organizations and individuals. 

We aggregate data from governmental monitoring sources that make measurements public in real-time (generally on an hourly basis). In addition, we report data from a selection of validated outdoor AirVisual air quality monitors operated by community members: individuals and organizations who choose to share their outdoor monitoring data to raise awareness of air quality issues

Ground-based stations give the most accurate and reliable air quality data. However, if a particular location doesn’t have any stations and people ask us for air quality information for that place, we can use data modeling from satellite imagery and weather patterns to estimate air quality. In these cases, we write next to the AQI number that this data is an estimated figure.

AirVisual always credits its air quality data sources to be fully transparent and to give its users a choice as to which data they want to follow. Discover where to find data source information.

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