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How to update your outdoor data contributor profile
How to update your outdoor data contributor profile
Give your monitoring initiative extra visibility among the air quality community, by completing a public community profile
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Every community data contributor who sets up a public air quality monitor and contributes new and valuable air quality information to the public air quality map, takes us one step closer to beating air pollution. Thousands of people around the world are getting involved in this community effort by deploying outdoor, public air quality monitors, for a wide variety of motivations and concerns. 

Now, the AirVisual community data platform offers a space to share your motivations for sharing public air quality data, whether you are doing so on behalf of an organization, a community group, or on your own initiative as a citizen. Read on to see how to set up your public community profile as a data contributor, and give your air quality monitoring initiative more visibility

How do I find my public profile page?

Every public station displayed in the AirVisual app and website, displays its data source below the main AQI number display. Clicking on this credit via the steps shown below, will take you to a data source's public profile page, where more information can be found about the contributing organization or individual. 

Since your public profile can be explored by anyone who is following your public station in this way, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your organization and initiative.

How to complete your public profile page to gain maximum visibility

Log into the AirVisual website, and from your profile's drop-down menu at the screen's top right, select "Contributor page".

Here, you'll see your template public profile. Click "Edit page" at the top right. 

Next, you have the option to update this information to your profile: 

  • Profile photo or logo. You could use your organization's logo, or a personal image. This will be displayed with your station wherever it appears in the AirVisual website and app.

  • Cover photo. This will only be displayed on your contributor profile page.

  • Public name. Here, you can choose how you want your contributor credit to be displayed, e.g. "XYZ International School", "Elm Neighbourhood", or any individual name you might choose.

  • Profile slug. Here you can edit the format of your profile page's URL, if you wish.

  • Website. Share a link to your organization's webpage, or any other webpage that is relevant to promote your initiative.

  • Description. Share a brief text description of your organisation, or your motivations for publicly monitoring air quality. 

  • Finally, Social Media. You can promote your social media pages directly, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat.

Lastly, hit SAVE, and voila! Your public contributor profile is ready to share with the world, and add momentum to our movement for clean air. 

Check out an example page for inspiration on how to complete your profile: 

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to our team below. 

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