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How air quality data contributors and sources are credited on the IQAir website and app?
How air quality data contributors and sources are credited on the IQAir website and app?

Understand how data sourced from PurpleAir, Clarity, and other devices are credited on the IQAir platform

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IQAir is able to provide the world’s largest database of global air quality information, through aggregating air quality data from a range of sources, including governments, individuals, companies, and non-governmental organizations. This would not be possible without the efforts of countless individuals and organizations deploying and maintaining outdoor air quality stations and sensors.

IQAir strives to credit all those who make air quality data publicly available and encourages them to create a custom contributor profile to gain visibility for their effort.

Air quality data on the IQAir platform can be associated with a contributor and/or a source. A contributor is the owner or operator of an air quality monitoring device or network of such devices. A source indicates an entity that publishes station data but does not own or operate the monitoring device, (e.g. IQAir, PurpleAir, or a government branch, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

There are six contributor categories: Government, Non-profit organization, Educational, Corporate, Individual, and Anonymous.

The contributor categories are designed to create transparency as to the type of contributors.

A contributor name is assigned by the device owner when establishing a contributor profile. For example, “NASA”

The contributor will be designated as “Anonymous” either because a contributor prefers to remain unnamed or they have failed to claim their station.

All data contributors and sources have the ability to promote their project or organization with a customized profile on the IQAir platform. If you are a sensor owner, creating a contributor profile allows you to increase the visibility and impact of your data and associated project or mission.

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