Through aggregating air quality data from a range of sources, including governments, private individuals and non-governmental organizations, IQAir is able to provide the world’s largest database of global air quality information. This achievement would not be possible without the efforts of countless individuals and organizations in deploying and maintaining lower-cost outdoor stations, such as AirVisual, PurpleAir, and Clarity sensors.

IQAir strives to be transparent in its data reporting, providing due credit to those who make their data publicly available.

Data on the IQAir platform is distinguished by both a contributor and source identification. A contributor is the owner or operator of a device or network of devices. A source indicates where the data is coming from, such as the website or API (ex: PurpleAir platform sensors, Clarity platform sensors, AirVisual sensors, or special government branch website).

In the example of Los Angeles, below, each data contributor and source for the city is listed.

Contributor: A Contributor name is assigned by the device owner when establishing a contributor profile. In the context of a third-party sensor data point, the contributor will be stated as an “anonymous contributor” until claimed and renamed.

Source: Below the contributor list is a list of data sources. Data which is derived from a PurpleAir monitor will appear in the sources section as a “Sensor by PurpleAir.”

EX: Air Quality Management District operates a network of PurpleAir monitors. Their contribution is credited via a customized contributor profile linked to “Air Quality Management District,” while PurpleAir is credited as the data source, “Sensor by PurpleAir,” likewise, data from other third-party platforms will be identified here by the third-party platform name.

Third-party sensor data points which have not been claimed, or have yet to establish a contributor profile, are credited as both an “Anonymous contributor” from a “Sensor by PurpleAir” (or "Sensor by [third-party platform]") source.

All data contributors and sources have the ability to promote their project or organization with a customized profile on the IQAir platform. Creating a contributor or source profile can have tremendous benefits in growing the visibility and impact of your data and associated project or mission.

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