As an owner or operator of an air quality monitor (PurpleAir, Clarity Node-S, or other), you’ve already taken action to expose local air pollution, improve public awareness and provide critical health data to policy advocates and local residents. By creating an account, registering your device(s) and making it (or them) public, you can establish a contributor profile on the IQAir platform. Doing so allows you to take credit for your contribution, grow the impact of your data, and gain insights into the impact of your data on the community.

What is a contributor profile?

A contributor profile is a designated web page for displaying contributor information, including: contributor name, logo, website, social media links, and real-time readings from contributor-owned devices.

Contributor profiles help accredit contributors for a location’s data, while also increasing visibility to a contributor’s monitoring project or mission.

Who can establish a contributor profile?

Anyone who has contributed data, currently available on the IQAir platform, can create a contributor profile. This includes owners of PurpleAir, Clarity Node-S, AirVisual or beta attenuation monitors.

How can I find a contributor profile?

Contributor profiles are searchable in the IQAir app and website using the search bar, and discoverable on individual station pages, directly below the top real-time air quality and weather widget.

EX: Using the IQAir app and website search bar to find the “Utopia Fiber” contributor page:

EX: Using the IQAir app and website station page to access a contributor page:

By clicking on the source information, users can view an expanded contributor profile page, where they can access the original data source link, a full list of contributed stations, and contributor details.

How do I edit my contributor profile?

If you are already a registered IQAir AirVisual user with Enterprise access, it is possible to fill in these details yourself. To do so, login to the IQAir website, click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner and enter your Enterprise Dashboard. From your Enterprise dashboard, click on the “profile” tab in the top right hand corner.

From the dedicated profile page, click the button reading “Edit profile,” here you can input your details directly (direct link here).

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