How can I lock my IQAir AirVisual Pro?
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The AirVisual Pro air quality monitor has a five-inch full colored LED screen, displaying air quality parameters including indoor and outdoor AQI, PM2.5 concentration, CO2, temperature, humidity, and health recommendations. We can use the control panel on top of the device to toggle through the screen slideshow and change the device settings, such as screen brightness, language, and other display options.

However, in some circumstances, we may not want others to make changes to the settings. To achieve this, the Pro has a function to lock the screen and the control panel. This feature is available for monitors with software version 1.1735 and above. While locked, none of the control buttons will be active, and the screen display will stay on its chosen setting.

Note: while locked, if the screen slideshow is set to ‘automatic’, the screens will continue to rotate through different information. If you want to display only one screen while locked, first change your monitor’s display settings. From the Menu button > Display >Screen> Slideshow > Manual, then use the UP/DOWN arrows to navigate to the screen display on which you want to ‘lock’ the device, before following the steps below.

LOCK: hold UP for 3 seconds, then hold DOWN for 3 seconds.

UNLOCK: hold UP for 3 seconds -> quick press MENU-> quick press POWER -> hold DOWN for 3 seconds

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