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Air quality information
Air quality information

Learn about AQI, our data sources, and how we validate and visualize air quality data

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How can I access historical data on the IQAir platform?
Reported AQI levels seem lower than it appears, visually
What is AQI?
What is the difference between the US AQI and WHO air quality guidelines?
What is the difference between China & US AQI; 美国空气质量指数和中国空气质量指数有什么区别?
What is the difference between Singapore’s Pollutant Standards Index and the U.S. Air Quality Index?
How is the Malaysian Air Pollution Index calculated?
How is AQI calculated without all 6 key pollutants?
How accurate is AirVisual’s air quality data?
How is air quality data validated before publishing on the AirVisual platform?
How can I check the data source of a station?
What does the asterisk (*) mean on some locations' AQI?
My city's data is unavailable on the AirVisual map
Where does AirVisual get its air quality data from?
What determines the major cities ranking?
Air quality forecast
What is AirVisual Earth and how does it work?
What is an air quality widget and how can I use one to display air quality information on my webpage?
How can I access air pollution data through AirVisual's air quality API?
Access IQAir's AQI, Air quality and pollution API
AirVisual API timestamp - how does it work?
AirVisual’s outdoor data seems to differ from other sources. Why is this?
Why are AirVisual and AirNow showing different AQI numbers?
Why do Vietnamese government stations sometimes disappear from AirVisual’s map?
How are Hanoi’s AQI and the city rankings calculated?
How accurate is AirVisual’s data in Vietnam?
In Vietnam, where does AirVisual get its data from?